Since the sample was not in my bridesmaid’s size, how does she know what size to order?

Please do not rely on your standard size. Bridesmaid dresses are not sized like regular dresses. If possible, have your bridesmaid professionally measured and then compare her measurements with the manufacturer’s size chart. Be sure and let her know that she will probably need alterations. We are required to order gowns that fit the largest measurement. For example, if the bridesmaid has a size eight top and a size 12 skirt, she will be sized for a 12.

How long does it take to get bridesmaid dresses?

Gowns are received approximately 16 weeks or 4 months from the date the order was placed. Rush orders may be available for additional charges by the designer. When ordered in store, bridesmaid gowns are ordered as a group. When everyone has sent in their individual measurements and gown payments the order is placed.

Do you offer discounts on bridesmaid dresses?

Yes, if you purchased your wedding gown at Stardust or LuLu’s, your bridesmaids’ gowns will be automatically discounted when purchasing in store. If you did not purchase your wedding gown from Stardust or LuLu’s but your group has four or more women, you will also receive a discount upon request. If ordering online, please contact StarDust Celebrations at 972-781-1619 to see if you qualify for a promo code to receive a discount.

What do I do if a bridesmaid is pregnant?

There are a few maternity styles available, just check with your stylist. Another option is to suggest that the bridesmaid wear an empire style or a two-piece style, in the same color and fabric as the other gowns.

What if my bridesmaids live in another town?

If members of your bridal party live out of town, we suggest ordering online. Be sure they have the promo code to receive any discounts or special offers. We ship to most locations in the USA. However, we cannot ship outside the USA. Our flat national shipping fee includes packaging, UPS ground services and insurance. Overnight or two-day delivery is available for an additional charge. Please note that when mailing, we will always require a signature.

Should my bridesmaids order their bridesmaid dresses from the same salon or at a salon in the city where they live?

It is best if you bridesmaids all order from the same salon. The bridesmaid usually receives a better price when all gowns are ordered from the same salon both online and in store.

What about shoes? Can’t my bridesmaids just wear their own?

Only if you are selecting black gowns is it safe to let each of your bridesmaids select which shoe style they want. If you have selected tea length gowns be sure and select shoes. For the sake of your photographs, it is better to have the shoes match the gowns in order to not draw attention to the feet. Today there are so many cute reasonably priced bridesmaid shoes, many brides feel it is worth the extra $50 to $60.00 to complete their ensembles.