Casablanca Bridal Celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary

With 25 years of exceptional quality and design, Casablanca Bridal is hosting a $25,000 giveaway! No purchase necessary to enter. There are just a few easy steps to follow to be entered into the promotion.

The first step is to snap a selfie wearing a dress from any four of their brands (i.e. Casablanca, Beloved, Le Blanc, or Amaré Couture). After that, post your selfie on Instagram using #Casablanca25K and follow them at @CasablancaBridal. Make sure you fill out your information on the form found at so they can keep track & verify your entry. That’s it! You are entered after just that!

Even better, additional entries can be added to increase your chances of winning the $25k. You get one additional entry for following Molly’s Bridal Closet on Instagram and another additional entry for leaving a Yelp review for us. It’s that easy!

Entries close November 30, 2022 and winners will be announced around December 14th. Good luck!

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Imagine a closet stuffed to the brim with bridesmaid dresses. Poofy skirts, sleek outlines, and themed elements—they’re all there. The closet doors won’t even close! If you’ve ever seen the movie, 27 Dresses, then you’re already laughing at the memory of all those dresses.

If you’d rather not have your bridesmaids harboring dresses (they secretly hate) in a closet, then it might be time to consider the option of mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses for your upcoming nuptials. Not only is it a way to allow your girls to add a little style to their dresses, but it also lets you customize your wedding party’s look.

Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses is actually a current trend taken by many a modern bride-to-be. The mix-and-match approach to bridesmaid dresses first started among celebrity brides. Model Molly Sims went with mixing and matching on choosing her bridesmaid dresses, by varying patterns, dress styles, and color tones.

To get you started, the Molly’s Bridal team will let you in on their bag of mix-and-match tricks.

Trick #1: Pick out different dress styles that are all the same color.This trick lets your bridesmaids find dresses that flatter different body types. The photos will have a cohesive aesthetic, as an added bonus. A word of caution: don’t ask for a color and leave it at that. In other words, don’t announce, “Let’s do blue dresses!” in a group text and expect everyone to match on the morning of.


Instead, ask for a specific tone, and you’ll end up with better results when the wedding party gets together for photos. See Trick #4 for a tip on how to get your bridesmaids on the same page. For more tips, visit the Molly’s Bridal bridesmaid department in store! No appointment necessary.

Different dress styles also give your bridesmaids the room to make a selection based on personal preference. If one of your friends just loves a particular style, they can still wear that dress to the wedding. All you have to do is make sure that the tone fits in with your color scheme.

Trick #2: Stick with the same dress style, but change up the colors.Another trick is to find a bridesmaid dress style that you really like, but offer your bridesmaids several choices on colors. That way, your girls can wear their favorite color! Also, if they look best in a particular color, they have the choice to pick out a dress in that color.

Having the same style will bring the look together, but each bridesmaid can put her individual style on which color she selects. It’s also a way for you to show your bridesmaids how special they are to you, by giving them a voice in the wedding details. (They’ll appreciate that you want their input!)

Trick #3: Outfit the bridesmaid squad in shades of the same color.This trick plays off the idea in Trick #1 (Pick out different dress styles that are all the same color). In this trick, you can decide on a particular color, like purple, but allow your bridesmaids to each select a dress in that shade. The color palette will be appealing and attractive, but you can give the overall look some more style!


It might be a good plan to create a Pinterest board to show the shades of the color you want. When your girlfriends start asking what exactly you want, you can point them to the board you created! It’ll help smooth out the dress shopping process just a bit (and who doesn’t want things to run smoothly in wedding planning?).

Trick #4: Set your MOH apart by selecting a different dress.Everyone knows that the maid-of-honor (MOH) is the BFF to the bride-to-be on all things wedding. She’s there to share your tear-filled joy, with an understanding smile and a travel size Kleenex. She’s there in your stressed moments, to talk you through it and write out a new to-do list. Why not honor her on The Big Day?

In this trick, you can choose a dress for your MOH that’s different from the rest of your bridesmaids. It can be as simple as changing the shade of the dress (like in Trick #3) or the dress style (like in Trick #1). You could even make her dress a darker or lighter shade than the other bridesmaid dresses.

Do you feel inspired yet? Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses can be fun and creative, especially with your squad chiming in. The stylists at Molly’s Bridal are dedicated to bringing your vision for an amazing wedding to life. They know that part of that vision is making your girls feel beautiful, too.

You can come in to the Molly’s Bridal location to look at bridesmaid dresses, or you can shop online for bridesmaid dresses at your own convenience. If your girlfriends live across the country or you have a large wedding party, then online shopping is an easy way to check off bridesmaid dress shopping. Ready, set, shop!

New Line of Allure Bridesmaid Dresses

That’s right! Molly’s Bridal is now offering an all-new line of Allure Bridesmaids, the signature line of bridesmaids dresses from the fabulous Allure Bridals. We have so much love for these fun gown designs. First, let’s get introduced to Allure Bridals!


Allure Bridals originally started in 1998 as a retail store, but the company has since evolved into a bridal manufacturer. They introduced their very first gown in 1998 under the collection name, Exclusive Bridals. After that, they started the Allure Bridals line and began gaining a reputation in the wedding industry.

In 2004, they completed construction on a home office and warehouse location. Only a few years later, they realized that they needed to expand their facilities and make room for an even larger operating space. Their past experience as a retail store was certainly paying off in the success of their elegant gown designs and excellent customer service.

In 2010, they made plans to move to new home offices, located in Tennessee. At the time, they were working with retailers as well as dresses for weddings and proms. The rest is history!

Today, Allure Bridals includes a diverse array of collections, including Allure Bridals (the flagship brand), Allure Couture (a bridal collection), and Allure Woman ( a plus-size bridal collection) which are all carried at our sister store, just across the street, LuLu’s Bridal.

Molly’s Bridal is proud to incorporate the addition of the Allure Bridesmaids collection into our offerings! Shop online or visit us in store to try on these fabulous gowns.


The Allure Bridesmaids collection is known as “the wedding party, simplified.” It’s here to meet the needs of every honored member of your squad! Choosing bridesmaids dresses doesn’t have to be complicated. The idea is that, with dresses from the Allure Bridesmaids collection, it can actually be quite simple, not to mention fun!

Allure Bridesmaids dresses come in several silhouette options, such as A-line, mermaid, and sheath. They have even more choices when it comes to neckline, such as halter, one-shoulder, scoop, strapless, sweetheart, V-neck, high neck, sleeveless, illusion, and more. Gowns from the Allure Bridesmaids collection are available in either floor length or short, depending on personal preference. Most of the waistlines are natural, but they do offer empire waistlines as well.

The beauty is in the details. Allure Bridesmaids dresses can include anything from back interest, lace, ruching, or 3-dimensional accents to ruffles, keyhole, or pleats. Talk about variety! Often in solid colors, Allure dresses can really stand out with the addition of these sweet little details.

The secret to the beauty of Allure dresses is that their designs blend rich fabrics, like satin and lace, with intricate beading and detailing. Sounds luxurious, right? Well, if you add in the comfort of their patented Allure construction, then you’re left with a romantic, practical dress that looks as good as it fits and feels.

That’s why Allure Bridals is constantly striving to help the wedding party to feel and look their best as they partake in all the wedding festivities. After all, isn’t the wedding party there to support and celebrate with the bride and groom, too? It all starts with picking out the perfect bridesmaids dresses.


That being said, we can’t wait to share the new collection of Allure Bridesmaids with you! It’s our pleasure to help you to find just the right dress. Allure Bridesmaids gowns are available in sizes 2 through 28. The gowns range in price from $150-$250.

Our bridesmaid department offers a professional measurement for a charge of $25. If you purchase a bridesmaid gown at Molly’s, the measurements are complimentary. Visit HERE to shop Allure Bridesmaids gowns at online or visit us in store to try on this new collection! No appointments required.

10 Tips for the Modern Mother of the Bride (or Groom)

Jenny Martell Photography

It’s really happening! You’re going to be a mother-of-the-bride (MOB) or -groom (MOG). Your daughter or son got engaged, and you’ve been invited to be a part of the journey. Let’s explore ten must-have tips that’ll have the newly engaged lovebirds eating out of the palm of your hand.

Your daughter emerges from the dressing room, and you try to blink back the tears. What if it comes down to that dress and another one that your daughter absolutely loves? Pat her hand and tell her how beautiful she looks. It’ll be worth it when she gives you a grateful smile.

Those “to-do” lists are daunting! But don’t hesitate to sit and talk with your daughter or son. It might seem like you’ve got less pull as the Head Mother in Charge, but you might find that they really appreciate your emotional support during this hectic season of life.

You’re itching to add pins to their Pinterest board and start tagging them on Facebook. Just make sure, as you start making suggestions, that you are taking the couple’s lead. Ultimately, they make the final decisions about their wedding day. Offer up ideas lightly and be graceful if they go in a different direction. (Emily Post)

We’ve all been there. Something goes wrong. Panic ensues. What do we do?! That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a backup copy of any key information relating to the wedding. Even if the couple has their planning neatly organized, you’ll turn into Super Mom in their eyes when you whip out extra copies. (Emily Post)

As mother-of-the-groom, what role do I play in the wedding? A good rule-of-the-thumb is to defer to the MOB. Aside from the rehearsal dinner, traditionally the bride’s parents are the hosts for the ceremony, reception, and events that lead up to the wedding day. As MOG, always discuss your plans first with the bride’s parents. (Emily Post)

Your daughter’s or son’s wedding is not the place to start breaking in your new stilettos. Plan on wearing dressy shoes that have a comfortable heel. If it’s a garden wedding, consider wearing a platform wedge, block heel, or flat to avoid sinking into the grass. (Martha Stewart Weddings)

How early do I need to be there? That’s right. The bridal party likes to have plenty of time for hair and makeup, but it’s also a chance for you to bond with your daughter in her last single hours. Put on your MOB bathrobe and join in the fun of the festivities. Don’t let the moments pass too soon. (Bridal Guide)

Shop for an outfit that will complement the bridesmaids. The bride chooses the bridesmaid’s dresses first, followed by the MOB, and then the MOG. Don’t be afraid to work together (MOBs and MOGs) on outfit selections. In terms of color, it’s best to look for neutrals like silver and champagne. (Martha Stewart Weddings)

What’s the hot color right now? According to Yolanda Carita, sales manager for Mon Cheri, MOBs are styling champagne-colored dresses. It will look good in any season, and it stands out without drawing attention. (The Knot)

Lace isn’t only for the bride. Mother-of-the-bride designers are incorporating lace on bodices, on straps, and as an allover effect. Chantilly lace, Alençon lace, and other variations are the latest trends in MOB dress design. The luxurious, detailed designs add an element of romance while keeping a sophisticated look.

At Molly’s Bridal, you don’t need an appointment to have a consultation with a stylist in our Special Occasion department. Find out more about our mother-of-the-bride selection.

Molly’s Bride in Maggie Sottero

Fairytales DO come true as evidenced in the recent wedding between, now, Dayna Raquel Perez Grimm and David Perez Grimm. Dayna, a previous cast member at Disney World, always dreamed that “one day her prince would come” – little did she know she would meet him in her best friend’s wedding!  Rewind to the wedding between her college best friend and her now brother in-law when Dayna stood as a bridesmaid and David stood as a groomsmen.  These bridal party members hit it off immediately and one year later, the two were inseparable.  David re-embarked on Dayna’s Disney dream as he popped the question in front of all of their friends and family at her absolute favorite fireworks show, Wishes, at Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

The couple celebrated their nuptials in Austin, Texas at the Hacienda del Lago.  They married in an outdoor ceremony under a canopy of trees adorned with hanging white lanterns.  Splashes of cobalt blue bridesmaid gowns and bouquets of ivory and pink flowers created a pop of color in the sea of beauty.  Dayna shined as a stunning princess in her Maggie Sottero gown — a natural waist ball-gown with a strapless, sweetheart neckline, embellished with intricate beading and embroidery from the top of bodice to tip of the lace hem.  Guests sipped on his and hers specialty cocktails: Caramelized Pineapple Mojitos & Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade and danced the night away!

Both Dayna and David’s wish to thank both of their incredible parents for helping create their dream day.

Bridal Gown: Molly’s Bridal | Venue: Hacienda del Lago | Photography: Milestone Media | Catering: The Noble Sandwich | Live Entertainment: Javier Soliz Band | Bakery: Cakes by Lori | Bridal Bouquet: Bloom and Leaf 

Real Wedding: Yvonne + Dustin

We can’t help but swoon over this colorful celebration complete with sombreros, serapes, maracas and the most stunning array of florals!

Molly’s Bridal bride, Yvonne, stuns in strapless sweetheart, fit and flare gown by Maggie Sottero.  Impeccably placed lace is adorned by shimmering sequins and beading from top of neckline to finish of gown.  Covered buttons to the end of the zipper, a chapel length train and a lace edge veil complete this bride’s look!

  Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero from Molly’s Bridal | Photographer: Allen Arrick with Arrick Photography